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About Us

We have now 25 year experience of engraving. 

we can engrave cups, trophies, awards, medals, plaques, badges, pet tags as well as jewellery includes rings and bangles inside-outside, cufflinks, identity bracelets, pens, watches, cutlery, business card holder, lighters and much more

Engraving Since 1995

We are family owned business providing high quality engravingservice with experience of 25 years. We use latest technologies for engraving, sandblasting, laser and sublimation. We work closely with your budget and our services are fast and efficient.

If you need any trophies, cups, medals & Awards. Please see our catalogues. We are happy to offer you free quotes for any small or big job. We aslo do trophy cups repair and cleaning.

Everything you need to Build a Better Engraving

We can Engrave cup, plaques, badges and pet tags.

We Also Have New Zealand Made Ceramic Trophies.

Custom bar’s, medals and badges.

We can Engrave as well as jewellery includes rings and bangles inside-outside.

We can Engrave Throphies and Custom Annual Awards.

For your business we can also Engrave business card holder.

Our Mission

we will gave a quick work and best engraved design from our side. we will try to gave a best and fast servies. we deal friendly.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of the designs. To drive a new era of Engraving development, growth, and productivity.

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